Virginie Ermoy Fondatrice de FOR SURE

Virginie wears a vintage Louis Féraud jacket and Oscar de la Renta earrings (FOR SURE collection).Vintage men’s pants (personal collection).
Photo credit : Anne-Laure VERON

About us

FOR SURE offers you a collection made up of luxury, exclusive and preloved pieces (clothes, bags, couture jewelry and costume jewelry and accessories) which have been selected by Virginie Ermoy, founder of the brand and of the eponymous online store.

Virginie, a university law teacher and then a lawyer at the head of her own Parisian law firm for 15 years, never ceased to nourish her passion for the history of design and fashion. The combination of vintage pieces with contemporary clothing is a sign of refinement for the founder who, for twenty years, had been looking for rare gems to dress or accessorize her outfits.

At the end of 2019, Virginie changed her life and gradually built up a collection for women who, like her, like to stand out and have style. With the knowledge she already possessed, she documented herself and worked with recognized professionals with knowledge in the field of couture jewelry and luxury bags to improve her skills and track down counterfeits.

With FOR SURE, Virginie offers women the opportunity to buy clothes from major brands (including fashion brands that no longer exist), accessories (scarves, stoles, shawls and belts), iconic handbags, couture jewelry and vintage costume jewelry which by nature has a singular and exceptional character.

The selection is made by Virginie, a great admirer of Yves Saint Laurent rive gauche, Chanel and Hermès. FOR SURE owns all the items that are for sale, which is a guarantee of quality and reliability.

FOR SURE, an obvious collection for three reasons :

The beauty of the fit and the material of a garment, the part of the fashion history you wear that brings out your personality. The timeless and exclusive character of the clothes, accessories, luxury bags, jewelry you choose can easily be combined with your current wardrobe. You can’t go wrong buying a vintage piece because it always matches the woman you are.

The way pieces have been produced in the past also reflects the unwillingness to submit to the deviations of the modern fashion industry. Buying a piece of clothing, a piece of jewelry, a handbag with a story is also buying a know-how and a quality which, by definition, can no longer exist today even among the biggest luxury brands.

The item you are purchasing has been verified for authenticity prior to its acquisition by FOR SURE. Virginie Ermoy, as a former lawyer at the Paris Bar, does not tolerate the infringement of the intellectual property rights of creators by networks of counterfeiters. Chanel jewelry, Chanel bags and Hermès bags are particularly sensitive items. They are subject of a “hunt for fakes” by professional sellers who are liable both to their customers and to brands in the event of the sale of counterfeits.

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