Vintage Hermes scarves

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We select vintage Hermes scarves that reflect the fashion house’s creative genius. The stunning designs come in many different colour combinations.
The famous scarf is available in its classic size (90 cm square) as well as in shawls, stoles, smaller designs and the famous twilly.

At Hermes, scarves are square

Led by Robert Dumas, HERMES invented the silk square scarf, a must-have fashion accessory for men as well as women.

The Hermes scarf (always square) measures 90 x 90 cm and is made from silk twill. It was designed by Robert Dumas in 1937, who took his inspiration from a piece of printed cloth that 19th century soldiers wore tied around their necks.

The "neckerchief" featured military patterns or instructions for illiterate soldiers. Two centuries ago, what is now considered a fashion accessory was a practical item designed for soldiers!

The patterns on the scarves were originally inspired by equestrianism (such as Brides de gala and Selle d’officier en grande tenue, featuring bridles and saddles respectively). Over time, they became much more diverse with fun, artistic and sometimes futuristic themes. The scarves are always printed in several colour versions.

They are a unique and extremely versatile fashion accessory. The scarf is timeless, a favourite amongst elegant icons such as Charlotte Casiraghi, Kate Middleton and Anna Wintour.

HERMES publishes a set of cards (knotting cards) describing the various different ways to wear a scarf. There are also several posts on social media explaining ways to tie this beautiful accessory

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